Resonant Field Imaging
– Aura and Brain Imaging System

After years of research into the mechanics of bioenergy, ITEM successfully developed what we believe is the first objective bioenergy measurement and analysis system in the world – Resonant Field Imaging™ (RFI™).  Using this experimental process, you can easily monitor the auras of humans, animals, and even plants, as well as evaluate the energy fields of non-living objects, at 50% – 90% less than other “aura imaging” devices on the market.  Doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, alternative therapists, and hobbyists all over the world are joining in this revolution to form an international network of RFI™users.  RFI™ is currently being used in 68 countries around the world.

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  1. Arthor Z.Q.Zhang

    Dear sir,
    We want to buy the RFI from you, kindly please tell me how to contact with your distributor in China, or your Chinese office telephong number.
    Looning forward to hear from you soon.
    Thanks and best regards…
    MR. Arthor
    Mob.: +86-1366-4499-772
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