Biofield Reader

Video and Still camera processing all in one program – Biofield Reader, now in India!
Biofield Reader
BioField Reader (BFR) processes images by filtering gradations and patterns of light not normally visible to the human eye, giving the viewer insights into the subtle energy around us. With BFR you can easily see the biofield surrounding all things and share this with your clients, patients, or co-researchers in order to validate your therapy.
How BioField Imaging Can Help In Your Clinic
With BioField Reader you can set yourself apart from your peers. Clients will be motivated to see their energy field change and balance. You will be able to attract new clients and increase client satisfaction as they will be able to see how their energy improves with your therapy. People are often more inclined to consult professionals who use modern technology alongside traditional and ancient wisdom.

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Interpretation of the light on and around the body (human biofield or aura) using modern technology seems to be showing interesting and useful data. An experienced user can – by analysis of colours and patterns – gain information about a person’s general ‘energy’ or ‘qi’ which reflects their state of well-being or imbalance.



Video processing with BFR Video:

BFR VIDEO is a new video processing system which allows the user to connect to any live-streaming video source (analogue or digital).It also supports the HD 720P format. BFR VIDEO works with:

  • Integrated Web Cams
  • External Web Cams connected via USB 2.0 / 3.0 including HD Web Cams Digital & Analogue Video cameras (see: ‘Analogue Cameras’) Camcorders connected via USB 2.0 / 3.0
  • Camcorders using Fire Wire
  • External or integrated Video recording devices
  • Video recordings saved on your Camcorder
  • Video recordings saved on your computer